In November 2009, a self-proclaimed Archaeology Lifer found herself employed as a Flight Attendant. She's not sure how it happened. No one really is. Here's what happened next...


Dreaming again…

Last night’s dreams featured Mika Zibanejad and I THINK Chris Phillips… it’s a little hazy and I’ve only started to remember bits of it, but it was some sort of messed up thing where people were being turned into mermaids and I was trying to save them with Zibanejad’s help.  I don’t really remember where Phillips came into it but I have a feeling he was there.  I’m really not sure what happened, but at least this time no one was insulting me.

As far as I can remember.

But really, am I going to dream about these boys on a regular basis?  Cause I’m starting to worry about myself a little…

More dreams…

I had another dream about an Ottawa Senators player.

This time Ben Bishop and I were hanging out and he said “hey, what’s going on with your make up today?”

"Oh I’m a bit tired," I said.  "Maybe I smudged it?"

"You just look like a total stripper today, that’s all," He replied.

Thanks Bish.  Love you too.

I had this dream last night that I was hanging out and shooting the shit with Jakob Silfverberg.  He was wrapping up a sprained foot or something (this had better not be a fucking premonition) and we were laughing about whatever.
Eventually I had to leave so he stood up and gave me a hug goodbye and was like “You’re cool.  I mean, you’re really ugly, but you’re funny, so I’m gonna let it go”.

Thanks Dream Jakob.  Thanks for that…

My subconscious is doing strange things lately.

Glimmer of hope?

Today we got the news that The Airline has won a bid for some cadet movement for the summer months.  This is pretty exciting, as it is entirely possible that they will include the Ottawa based Flight Attendants in this contract!  Keep your fingers crossed for me, people!  What I wouldn’t give to be working right now.  I’m resisting the urge to email the Crew Scheduler and say “Is it too early to start begging for flights?”

Interestingly enough, I had a dream last night, in which I was accepted to the Air Force, and grew maroon coloured angel wings out of my shoulders.  It was pretty cool, and I never wore shoes, because I could just fly over any gravel, but I enjoyed walking on the grass.

I looked it up in my dream dictionary this morning.  Apparently if you see yourself with wings “you will soon be flying high”.

How about that then, aye?

I also had a dream that I slept through three days of work at The Restaurant and was trying to think up a convincing lie to get away without being fired.  I woke up from my nap this morning in time to get to work, but spent several minutes feeling utterly convinced that I had missed my shift entirely and that there was no point in getting out of bed.