In November 2009, a self-proclaimed Archaeology Lifer found herself employed as a Flight Attendant. She's not sure how it happened. No one really is. Here's what happened next...


FINALLY got to have some quality time with My Important Person.  <3

We had tea in the lounge.  Ordinarily we’d have beer, but the poor bastard has a 5am showtime in the morning.  Ick.

Anyways it was really nice to catch up, and my favourite part was him telling me about his motorcycle accident last year.

"So I’m off the bike and flying through the air at about 40kts, and I see a rock.  So I tried to pull up, but apparently you need a plane to do that…"

I TRIED TO PULL UP!  Dead of laughing.  So much love.

Now it’s time for wine and more homework, and eventually bed.  

FINALLY got word from The Airline.  Yep I’m on the same flight home tomorrow morning, and I get to claim today as a reserve day, which is a better deal than I expected.  THANK GOD.

Actually, despite my bitching it worked out OK.  I definitely have a cold kicking up, so it’s a good job I didn’t have to do some 4 or 5 legs of flight today.  It gave me some time to get some homework done, and I’ve been able to just relax a little bit.

Now I know for sure they’re not going to make me work tonight or anything like that (which was a real possibility) I’m going to hit the pool and probably go back to the sauna for a while.  

Apologies for whining all day long, and for flooding tumblr with my posts.  I’ve just been reaaaally bored.  :)

A letter…

Dear Brain,

If you’d like to make a contribution greater than “Oooh, airplane!” this afternoon, it would be greatly appreciated.  I have math homework to do.

No love,


So I’ve been to the gym, I’ve pampered myself with a sauna, I’ve showered and watched an episode of Glee.

Now it’s time to knuckle down and do my homework before dinner and drinks with My Important Person and other crew members.

Naturally my hotel room backs onto the runway.

I CAN’T EVEN REMOTELY CONCENTRATE!  Every minute and a half I hear the roar of engines and have to turn around and look out my engine to watch something awesome land or take-off.

It’s awesome, but it’s hardly conducive to a good study atmosphere.

Also housekeeping has knocked twice (both times while I was naked).  I have no idea.  I didn’t request any housekeeping.  WTF do they want? Grr.

Life’s a Breeze, at YYT

I’ve found my official favourite hotel.

Although Halifax is my favourite city to have a layover, St John’s has the best hotel, hands down!  We stay at the Sheraton here!  We used to stay at the Delta, but I guess they just renovated the Sheraton, and it’s incredible!  It’s absolutely gorgeous, and the lobby has this little indoor zen area that has all these trees growing and a freaking waterfall!  Expect photographs to follow when I get back to YOW.

Yesterday I practically bounced to the airport.  I didn’t really need the airport limo, I was so fired up with excitement!  Naturally we were ridiculously early, so Princess and I spent lots of time reviewing for our briefing until the rest of the crew arrived.

The moment I saw the plane taxi into view, surprising me from behind a hangar, I got goosebumps.  I haven’t seen one of our airplanes in three months, save for photographs.  I had forgotten how large and yet how small it was at the same time.  An how the black and gold of the design really pops against the white body of the aircraft.  I tried to see into the flight deck to catch a glimpse of my Important Person, but all I could see was a mass of gray hair - one of the other pilots.  So they rolled up the airstairs, some of the passengers deplaned, and the new crew walked out onto the apron ready to board.  I saw the flight deck door open, and watched as three pilots extracted themselves.  I couldn’t help but giggle - it reminded me of playing Sardines as a child.

One by one, they walked down the airstairs and stood at the bottom, greeting the new crew.  Three of our lovely pilots.  Not one of them was my Important Person.  I was unreasonably disappointed.  I had been so excited for that hug.

Still, my joy came back in bounds as I boarded the aircraft and set about my duties.  It was bizzare.  The smells of an aircraft were completely forgotten to me, but as soon as I stepped onto it, I could smell the distinct smell of a B737 oven.  Wow.

The flight was short and sweet, and before we knew it we had landed in St John’s almost two hours ahead of schedule.  I was delighted to see one of our other airplanes parked nearby - that meant another crew was in town tonight.  Naturally we got to the hotel, changed clothes and reconvened at the bar!

I had a nice evening out, although there was a little drama.  One of our pilots, a First Officer, is a man I don’t get along with particularly well.  His attitude is too changeable for me, and he can be a real bitch when he drinks.  He was being a jackass, and then Princess got totally wrecked on wine, and one of the other pilots had to help me get her back to her hotel room, which wasn’t too bad really…everyone was starting to feel like a third wheel with the First Officer and his latest Flight Attendant conquest.

I detest drunk sitting.  Princess developed a habit of shoving her shiny new engagement ring in everyone’s face while she was going on about some guy at the bar.  The other pilot and I managed to get her into her room and I shut the door on her, but she kept texting me for ages, right up until 2am.  I finally got fed up, and turned my phone onto silent.  Good job.  She called me about seven times between 2 and 3am. 

This morning I woke up early, as I usually do these days, and contemplated taking a walk by the harbour.  It’s a bit cold though, and I haven’t brought a jacket with me, so I decided to treat mysef to breakfast in the hotel restaurant.  When by the sea, I insist on eating seafood.  I had fish and chips last night, and this morning I had smoked salmon on a bagel which practically melted in my mouth, accompanied by copious amounts of coffee.

Now I’m about ready to head back to my room.  The crew is meeting in the lobby in about an hour and a half, and I need to have a quick shower and fix my hair up.

Today we go to Stephenville, and then back to YYZ.  I have about three hours before my deadheading flight home leaves YYZ, and I intend to use it hunting 747.  I haven’t seen one in years, and was rather disappointed I didnt’ catch a glimpse of one during my layover the other day.  But I did see an A340, so that please me immensely.  But not as much as a B747 would… I haven’t seen one on the ground in years.

As a final note, I opened my inbox and got tons of notices about new people following me!  Hello readers!  I have no idea where you are coming from, but I’m happy to see you!  I hope you enjoy reading my blog.  If you have any questions at all for me, please don’t hesitate to ask!