In November 2009, a self-proclaimed Archaeology Lifer found herself employed as a Flight Attendant. She's not sure how it happened. No one really is. Here's what happened next...



Today I had a brilliant flying lesson.  As in seriously-making-memories-lesson.

But then afterwards I had to say goodbye to My Instructor because he’s got a job with an airline and he’s leaving.  I am SO ridiculously happy for him, and so proud of him and excited!  It’s wonderful news.

However, as far as it applies to me… honestly I’m crushed.  I am going to miss that smart-assed little SOB a lot more than I realised, and I certainly didn’t realise I would feel so emotional about it.  This may sound silly, but I’d probably say he’s the closest thing to an older brother I’ve ever had.  True, we didn’t spend much time together outside of the flying club, and he’s almost four years younger than me, and lord knows to start with it was a little rocky here and there. But in the end we really gelled as a team, and in my opinion it was the perfect combination.  He taught me so much, and gave me so much confidence.  I spent the better part of two years trying to make him proud of me.

I’m not sure if it’s reasonable for me to be all emotional about it… but I am.  There we go.  It’s the end of an era.  I know I talked before about the whole student and instructor relationship and how important it was to me, and today really hammered that home to me.

I’ve already asked another instructor (one I have really enjoyed working with before) to take me on, and he’s agreed, so that’s all good to go, I don’t have to float around from instructor to instructor like a little baby pilot orphan, the way I’ve seen other students do.  Looking on the bright side there.

But just for today I’m being pathetic and sad and feeling a sense of personal loss because My Instructor is no longer “My Instructor”. 

I hope that one day I get the chance to fly with him again, I really, truly do.

‎”You are an excellent candidate for this First Officer position sir…but please, tell us why your number of take-offs does not equal your number of landings?”

‎”You are an excellent candidate for this First Officer position sir…but please, tell us why your number of take-offs does not equal your number of landings?”

CPL written practice tests…

Just bombed my Flight Operations section…FML.   Most effed up weight and balance section EVER.  UGH!

(I’ve been studying for 9 hours…somebody kill me).

A letter…

Dear Brain,

If you’d like to make a contribution greater than “Oooh, airplane!” this afternoon, it would be greatly appreciated.  I have math homework to do.

No love,


My Instructor’s a Smartass…

A few weeks ago I started the program, and I hadn’t flown in two months.  When My Instructor and I went for our first lesson of the term, we did some circuits.  My approaches were a little off, so I was landing a little further down the runway than I usually would.  Not a huge deal, but still not as good as it used to be.

My Instructor decided to give me some helpful hints…

My Instructor: OK, good, but this time try and aim to land at the numbers, OK?

Me:  Aim for the numbers?  What on earth do you think I’ve been doing all this time! Of course I’m aiming for the numbers!!

My Instructor:  OK, then aim for that Tim Hortons 100 yards off before the runway threshold and then maybe you’ll get it right this time.

I really am rather fond of the guy. :)  It’s nice to have someone like that where we can just bounce off of each other a bit.  Makes it more relaxed.

I had a flying lesson this morning (my third only since the start of term…WTF, shitty weather).  It was a little stressful…rain, clouds popping up out of nowhere, and a 20kt crosswind on landing, yeesh!  But it all went relatively well, and My Instructor signed me off to go out to the practice area solo FINALLY!  Hurrah!  I was going to spend tomorrow just doing solo circuits at the airport and ease myself into the solo flying again, but I just saw the weather for the rest of the week and decided it’s tomorrow or nothing - so I’m off by myself tomorrow flying AWAY from the airport for an hour and then coming back!!! Whee!! I’m really excited/really nervous!  But it’s cool!  It’s like I’ve been on training wheels and now they’re coming off!

LOVE flying!

Love love love!

Oh jeeze!

It’s amazing the things I forget to write about in here sometimes!

Well I spent Sunday-Tuesday province hopping for The Airline.  It was quite a good time, although I had to stop the Captain from buying me dinner two nights in a row, because I started to get an idea of what he’s after (and he’s not getting it…).  Lovely guy, but there’s a vibe for sure.  

ANYWAYS.  It was bittersweet because although it was a good pairing, I have a feeling its going to be the last one I take for a while… because….


Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the “Private Student Pilot” gig is no longer working out for me.  If I want to fly more than once a week I need student loans, and to do that I need to be in full time school!  So I applied to college for “Aviation Management” which is a fancy way of saying pilot training.  It’s a 16 month program that starts May 9th, and finishes August 2012.  So by that time next year I should have everything I need to start applying to work as a commercial pilot (Obviously I’ll need to build hours first, but hey, that’s where flight instructing comes in!).

I originally applied for September, but the program coordinator coerced me into the May program. 

I’m ridiculously excited…and also rather nervous.  I have to take MATH!  Wait, scratch that, I can make it even simpler.  I have to be a FULL TIME STUDENT AGAIN! WAH!!  But it’s going to be worth it!

Obviously this is going to be good news on the pilot front - hopefully lots of juicy content there.  However with regards to Flight Attending… well with full time school and fitting as many work hours in there as I possibly can…I’m unlikely to be able to go off Flygirling too often anymore.

I’m pretty sad about that, but on the bright side, in 16 months time I should be a fully licensed commercial pilot.  YES PLEASE!